What does Los Feliz mean?

We drew the name from the Los Angeles neighborhood that borders Griffith Park where LFB was born. With its streets lined with fragrant Magnolia trees and Jasmine bushes, it's a gem of a community, and the best place in LA to see hummingbirds. 



How long will my perfume last?

Without the use of synthetic fixatives, natural perfumes have a shorter lifespan on your skin. They will typically last up to 4 hours, which is one of the reasons we made our bottles so portable. To us, applying perfume is as joyful as wearing it, and we think there's no better break from a stressful day than taking a moment to treat yourself. 

One way to extend your perfume is "sealing" it with a perfume balm, which will not only add to the aroma but also hold the volatile essential oils to your skin.  



What are the benefits of natural fragrance?

AESTHETICS Perfume is all about personal preference, but in our minds, there is no way a synthetic can compare to Rose Otto, which takes 60 roses to create just one drop, or Jasmine, which must be harvested at night and contains up to 50 chemical components. 

LESS SENSITIZING Many people have allergies or sensitivities to perfumes. This is due to irritants that can be found in synthetic aroma-chemicals. Though people can still have reactions to natural essences (especially if not properly diluted) most that think they are allergic to perfume will not have any issue with natural fragrance. To be safe, we've listed all naturally occurring allergens on our packaging.

SHORT SILLAGE We've all been stuck in an elevator with someone whose perfume or cologne is so strong the scent lingers on your clothes all day, or worse still, causes coughing, sneezing, or watery eyes. Natural perfume stays close to the skin, so that only those close to you can smell it. A well balanced perfume should lure others close to you, not repel them away.

COMPLEXITY Our perfumes have dynamic top, middle, and base notes that transform on your skin over time and smell different on every person. What starts off punchy and bright can become soft and powdery, or earthy and heavy. Yucca Valley is super rosy and peppery on some and leathery and almost musky on others.