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15 Coast-Inspired Products To Help Satisfy Your California Wanderlust

"Each of the scents created by this indie perfumery is based on (and named for) a place in California. The white sage fragrance captured in the Red Rock bottle has an uncanny resemblance to the scents found around Joshua Tree, while the brand’s solid Indio Perfume Balm is just the thing to wear to Coachella."

Credit:  Uncover LA

Credit: Uncover LA

Uncover la

How This LA Perfumer Captured the Scent of California's Roadtrips

"When you think of the scent of your LA ‘hood, what comes to mind (or nose)? For Krystal Quinn Castro, it’s a musky aroma with a hint of honey and a pinch of pink peppercorn. Inspired by a newfound passion for perfumery (and a major transition to a cleaner beauty routine), the fashion industry vet set out to capture her cool enclave’s essence in a bottle. The result: Los Feliz Botanicals, a new line of natural fragrances inspired by California landscapes."

Credit: Trish at  Scent Hive

Credit: Trish at Scent Hive

scent hive

Los Feliz Botanicals, Reviewed.

"Los Feliz is a neighborhood in Los Angeles, not too far from where I went to college, so when the PR gal from Los Feliz Botanicals contacted me, my interest was instantly piqued. When I learned that Krystal Quinn Castro, the creator of LFB, studied with Mandy Aftel, my interest was piqued even more and I knew this was a line I needed to explore.

For this LFB feature, I have done a YouTube review which is at the end of this post, but I also wanted to share photos as well as brief reviews here on my blog. I hope you enjoy!"

Credit: Brandie Gilliam

Credit: Brandie Gilliam

Thoughtfully Magazine

Our Top Finds From Indie Beauty Expo LA

"Indie Beauty Expo served up all the green beauty feels in Los Angeles recently as we set out to connect with our tribe and discover what’s next in the world of indie beauty."

This organic girl

Fall Faves

"Los Feliz is a new natural fragrance line that dropped August 15th. Founder Krystal Quinn Castro, a long time fashion industry vet and self-taught perfumer is inspired by the intoxicating smells of the flora surrounding her Los Feliz home. And she is coming at the green beauty scene hard with some beautiful formulas.

Natural perfumes sometimes get a bad rep – I was watching one of the green beauty Youtubers last week and she made a side comment that she hates most natural fragrances because they… “smell like dirt.” I think we can all give her a nod because yeah, we hate that too! Well no longer do you need to walk your nontoxic self around smelling like dirt because Los Feliz is in the house and they are not messing around."

Arroyo Monthly

Beauty Bites - Scents of SoCal

"SoCal's diverse landscapes are the inspiration for this line of eaux de parfum that evoke wild California deserts, mountains, and coastlines. Blended by hand in downtown Los Angeles in small batches, Los Feliz Botanicals contain no synthetics, preservatives, or fillers."

Credit: Angeleno Magazine

Credit: Angeleno Magazine

Angeleno Magazine

Beauty Marks

The Chalkboard mag

5 Groundbreaking Beauty Products From the Indie Beauty Expo

"We love spreading the word on new indie beauty products that may not be a household name, but will boost your routine in a way you’ll want to talk about too. Check out five of our new faves…

...Perfume has earned a toxic reputation with good reason. This new brand provides strong scents named for our favorite California spots without any unnatural chemicals."

Credit: Callie at  No Tox Life

Credit: Callie at No Tox Life

No Tox Life

A Peek Inside Our New Retail Store

"Los Feliz Botanicals creates 100% natural perfumes blended by hand in Downtown Los Angeles. Each scent is unisex (our favorites are Yucca Valley and Los Feliz), and founder Krystal Quinn has created six scents so far in her line. Full size $55, comes in a beautiful glass bottle and printed box."



"Loving this new natural fragrance line? Their scents are fresh and zesty. I am especially loving Blossom which is shown here. A pretty floral with a touch of spice."

The glitter guide

"I’m not really a fan of overly manufactured scents when it comes to my perfumes, so I love that this California-inspired brand hand-blends its scents using natural essences from around the world."