Universe Incense Burner

Universe Incense Burner



With its celestial shimmer, the Universe Incense Burner provides an otherworldly receptacle for a palo santo smudge or a stick of incense. Light up and welcome magic into your home!

Created by firing sea glass beads into the base of a handcrafted ceramic bowl, each Universe Incense Burner offers a unique adornment for any surface or altar.

Why We Love It

One of our favorite camping activities is to lie back and stargaze. These stunning incense burners hold tiny midnight skies of blues and blacks and sparkling bubbles. The organic shape and curve of the base make it perfect for resting a Palo Santo Stick or even jewelry (when not burning incense, of course).

About IIIVVVYYY Ceramics

IIIVVVYYY is all handmade by Ivy Weinglass in Brooklyn, NY.

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