Open Palm White/Raw/Black

Open Palm White/Raw/Black



An open hand historically is seen as a sign of protection. It also represents blessings, power and strength, and is particularly helpful in deflecting the evil eye. These handcrafted ceramic hand plates are not only perfect to hold your palo santo incense, sage, or jewelry, but also as a symbol to bring these things into your life.

Glazed in a white and black half moon with a raw clay stripe, these make a bold and stunning addition to any home. Size is approximately 4" long x 2.5" at its widest.

Why We Love It

Gone are the days of lighting some sage or palo santo and setting it precariously on the edge of a counter - or worse - having them burn the counter or dish we placed them in. These little dishes are perfect for setting small smudge and palo santo sticks, as the glazed ceramic is heat-resistant. We also use these around the house for rings, hair ties, and other small trinkets we need to keep track of. And when they're empty - they're just as beautiful!

About IIIVVVYYY Ceramics

IIIVVVYYY is all handmade by Ivy Weinglass in Brooklyn, NY.

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