French Green Clay with Rosemary

French Green Clay with Rosemary


While we love our expensive, hyper-targeted face masks, sometimes you just want a simple and effective mask for everyday use.

Our clay masks contain only two ingredients: a clay and a plant powder. The plant powder provides just a little bit of grit to aid in exfoliation and these clays have been used for centuries for all kinds of skin conditions.

French Green Clay is a powerhouse for oily or blemished skin. It can be used as a spot treatment, or all-over face mask. This clay will absorb oils and pollutants, while leaving behind tight and glowy skin.

To use: add water, hydrosol, honey, or any skin-safe oil/milk the clay in a small dish or the palm of your hand. Work into cleansed skin and allow to dry before rinsing. We recommend mixing with Frankincense Hydrosol.

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