Free Your Hair x Los Feliz Botanicals Hairbrush

Free Your Hair x Los Feliz Botanicals Hairbrush


Made in collaboration with How To Hair Girl.

Beautiful classic mixed nylon/boar bristle brush, rubber cushion bed, and sustainably harvested beech-wood handle. Designed for all hair types, including coarse curls and kinks, the Free Your Hair Brush is burly enough for everyone. Softened, irregular bristles move oils through your ends, bringing health and balance to all parts of your hair and scalp.

Engraved, comes pre-oiled and conditioned with almond oil and Egyptian Rose. Your self-care styling tool for life.

Why We Love It

We fell in love with this brush years ago and jumped at the opportunity to collaborate on a brush of our very own! This brush really will stay with you for life. To take the best care, we recommend gently polishing the wooden handle once a month with perfume balm. Our favorite to do this with is Parade. 

About How To Hair Girl

How To Hair Girl is your guide to bringing your hair care back into your own hands, and into alignment with your values as creative, conscious people and consumers. We aim to empower you with the knowledge you seek to identify and treat the needs of your own unique hair type so that you can keep your hair in optimal health and style, while spending less money and time. 

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